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R.E. Brown


Serving the entire Washington Metropolitan area.

The personal touch. That's what separates R. E. Brown from the big guys. The large companies you buy your computer from will come to your home, connect all the pieces and leave it for you to figure out. Not R. E. Brown. You buy your computer. Tell the large company you don't need their help, then call R. E. Brown. You will get quick response, excellect service, AND the satisfaction and confidence you'll need to get the most from your computer. R. E. Brown has been in the business for over 17 years, with the knowledge, experience, and patience it takes to help everyone from the beginner to the advanced. Take a look at the services offered by R. E. Brown. You'll want to sign-up today!

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R.E. Brown
(301) 775-5523

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These days everyone needs a computer, whether it's for your small business, maintaining your personal records, or keeping in touch with your family. 

R.E. Brown specializes in assisting the novice user.  His patience and ability to teach those without computer experience has been helpful to many in the past. If you are buying a new PC, upgrading to a new operating system, or just need to "clean" your existing computer, R. E. Brown can help.