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R. E. Brown
New PC Installation


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New PC Installation

The installation service will be performed Monday to Friday, during business hours and is estimated to take 1 hour to complete.

Customer's responsibilities:

All equipment to be installed must be located in the desk area in which the installation will take place, which must be a safe working environment, and have sufficient space and power outlets to perform the service.

If the system to be installed will be connected to the customer's network, the customer must supply the necessary network configuration (i.e. TCP/IP address) when R. E. Brown arrives on-site to perform the installation.

On-site activities completed by the R.E. Brown:

  • Verify receipt and condition of all boxes and components.
  • Ensure that the customer's physical site and power availability is adequate.
  • Unpack systems and components.
  • Set-up and connect computer supplied peripherals, including keyboard, monitor, mouse, and printer to Desktop/Notebook.
  • Power on the system and allow the Operating System to fully load.
  • Install the network drivers, configure network settings (TCP/IP address) & test. Ensuring peripherals and software functions correctly with a particular configuration
  • Remove all packaging to a customer-designated area within the facility.
  • If requested, will configure Internet access to the Internet Service Provider used by the customer. New Internet customers will be briefed on obtaining service prior to the appointment.
  • Install is complete when Customer approves and is satisfied.

R. E. Brown* Serving the entire Washington Metropolitan Area*